Raven Trekker DLC in Korea

In mid April I travelled with a friend of mine to South Korea for a 2 week urban expedition. My friend was born and raised in Seoul and was eager to show me all things Korean from Seoul to Busan. The details of my trip are long and somewhat personal with many stories that I would love to share with you, and if we ever meet please ask me about them. To keep things short and interesting I will focus this post on the Raven Trekker DLC that I took with me. The DLC Trekker was an excellent travel partner and seemed fitting to me for the locations and situations I found myself in.

Above and below are photos from the Secret Garden of Changdeokgung Palace. This is an amazing place and one of the better areas for taking photos. The Spring colors mixed with the ancient buildings was truly spectacular.

Choosing to only bring one Raven with me on my trip caused me to appreciate the watch and the details more with every passing day. At home I have a number of watches I can wear and change at any time, but limiting myself to one watch caused me to focus on the details and bond more with what I had brought.

Below is a forest of strange pine trees that are seen growing all over Korea, they twist and turn like snakes and look like someone has been trimming them into shape. This was on a path I took to the top of a mountainous area where I spotted birds and squirrels that looked different from the species we have back in Kansas.

Seoul is home to many ancient palaces that are worth visiting. Our trip took us all over South Korea. We travelled to Gochang, Jeonju, Busan, and then rode back to Seoul in an older model Ssangyong Korando which is like a Korean Jeep.

Below are the roof tops in Jeonju, these are traditional hanok style houses. This style has been disappearing all over Korea and Jeonju is a special place where the past is still alive.

I will forever remember this trip and the black Raven that was on my wrist. Originally we produced 20 of these Trekkers with the DLC finish and still have a few of them available on the website today. We are also getting the new Trekkers next Monday and plan to mix some of the parts around to create a few DLC watches with the yellow accents.

Send us an email if you are interested in a custom built DLC with the yellow accents, or ask us about any other  Raven Trekker 40mm and what we will have available after the new models arrive next week.