We have added 3 Raven Trekker models to the Special Offers page on our website. These come with a discount of $120 off the regular price. These models were shop demos, handled lightly, photographed, and show no signs of wear. They come with a full kit and warranty: the watch on the bracelet, rubber strap, extra spring bars, warranty card, Raven box. Sales are limited to just a few of each of these models below.

The new Trekker RT01V2 with brushed oyster bracelet and yellow accents, black dial with date.
Retail price: $690 + shipping.
SPECIAL OFFER: $570 + shipping

The new Trekker RT04 with sand blasted case and jubilee bracelet, black dial with NO date.
Retail price: $690 + shipping.
SPECIAL OFFER: $570 + shipping

The new Trekker RT07 with DLC case and jubilee bracelet, black dial with NO date.
Retail price: $750 + shipping.
SPECIAL OFFER: $630 + shipping



Last weekend my son and I participated in a campout just a few miles from our house. I took the Trekker above on a 2 piece army green nylon strap. The weather was good and we woke up early to a dense fog that was moving through the camp site. A few days before I had received the shipment of new Megalodons and Trekker and started on the organizing and shipping of 20 bronze Megalodons, and 60 special edition Megalodons.

The camping trip was a good break between shipping as the Trekker Pre-orders began shipping when the post office opened back up on Tuesday this week. As of yesterday we have shipped all Trekkers that were purchased during the pre-order time. I received an email this morning asking about the rubber straps and if they shipped with the pre-orders… yes we did include rubber straps with those watches as well.

With the remaining watches that we just received we are easily able to move the inside around between the cases, (movement, dial, hands) all at once without having to reset the dial or hands. This allows for 5 new watches to be available on our website as long as we have the parts available to produce them.

This makes available a new oyster bracelet version with the black and white dial, and the older jubilee style with the yellow accents. These watches are created one at a time after the order is placed and they are limited to the amount of parts we have to use at this time. In total we have around 40 various Raven Trekkers remaining at this time.

Our Raven office includes a full service work bench where Jeff can repair or service the watches that we sell, or any brand that you own that might be having issues or need attention. Jeff will be creating these new Trekker models as they are ordered and assembling them in between other repairs that he is working on at the moment. If you need us to repair any watches you have, please email us to start getting our thoughts and then you can send it in to get the work done right.


Raven Trekker DLC in Korea

In mid April I travelled with a friend of mine to South Korea for a 2 week urban expedition. My friend was born and raised in Seoul and was eager to show me all things Korean from Seoul to Busan. The details of my trip are long and somewhat personal with many stories that I would love to share with you, and if we ever meet please ask me about them. To keep things short and interesting I will focus this post on the Raven Trekker DLC that I took with me. The DLC Trekker was an excellent travel partner and seemed fitting to me for the locations and situations I found myself in.

Above and below are photos from the Secret Garden of Changdeokgung Palace. This is an amazing place and one of the better areas for taking photos. The Spring colors mixed with the ancient buildings was truly spectacular.

Choosing to only bring one Raven with me on my trip caused me to appreciate the watch and the details more with every passing day. At home I have a number of watches I can wear and change at any time, but limiting myself to one watch caused me to focus on the details and bond more with what I had brought.

Below is a forest of strange pine trees that are seen growing all over Korea, they twist and turn like snakes and look like someone has been trimming them into shape. This was on a path I took to the top of a mountainous area where I spotted birds and squirrels that looked different from the species we have back in Kansas.

Seoul is home to many ancient palaces that are worth visiting. Our trip took us all over South Korea. We travelled to Gochang, Jeonju, Busan, and then rode back to Seoul in an older model Ssangyong Korando which is like a Korean Jeep.

Below are the roof tops in Jeonju, these are traditional hanok style houses. This style has been disappearing all over Korea and Jeonju is a special place where the past is still alive.

I will forever remember this trip and the black Raven that was on my wrist. Originally we produced 20 of these Trekkers with the DLC finish and still have a few of them available on the website today. We are also getting the new Trekkers next Monday and plan to mix some of the parts around to create a few DLC watches with the yellow accents.

Send us an email if you are interested in a custom built DLC with the yellow accents, or ask us about any other  Raven Trekker 40mm and what we will have available after the new models arrive next week.


Winter Camping in Kansas: Part 2

Raven Trekker on the Ranch

by Steve Laughlin

After I wrote Part 1 of this blog entry I received a discouraging email letting me know how “stupid” my stories are and how I should “grow a marketing brain” [on my own blog]. So it took me a few days to get over it and get back on track. I only answered this person by saying “Thank you for your suggestions”, but it got me thinking… Does he know who we are at Raven Watches? Let me use this blog entry to tell you a bit more. You can see the rest of my ranch photos as I tell you more about our company. READ MORE…

Winter Camping in Kansas: Part 1

Heading to the Ranch

by Steve Laughlin

As a volunteer leader for my son’s Trail Life troop we planned a Winter camping trip for the end of February. Being Kansas you never know what the weather will be like, so we decided on a location with heated cabins. The week leading up to the campout was warmer than average reaching nearly 80 degrees, but the forecast showed another “Arctic Blast” would be here by the weekend. READ MORE…

On the roof of the Sahara: Part 4

The Toubou

by Alex Williams

In order to reach the summit we would have to first deal with both the bureaucratic and logistical problems involved in crossing a desert mountain range. Luckily our in-country team SVS had liaised with our local guide and arranged for us to meet the Toubou at their village at the base of the volcano. From there we would be able to negotiate for, and rent, 12 camels and their handlers who would be responsible for getting our remaining expedition gear up to the last camp in the caldera of the volcano and back down again. A journey that would take 9 days. READ MORE…

On the roof of the Sahara: Part 3

The Journey North

by Alex Williams

We rolled out of Chez Wou the following morning in a convoy of four Toyota Land Cruisers laden to the brim with all of the equipment and provisions we would need for a month in the Sahara. Most of the team would be sleeping out under the stars, on nothing but a thin foam mattress wrapped up in a sleeping bag. This reduced our need to bring too much additional camping equipment. But even then the roof racks were still strapped down with food, fuel and other fundamentals as we turned out of the compound and accelerated out of the city limits. READ MORE…

On the roof of the Sahara: Part 1

Summiting Emi Koussi with the Raven Trekker

by Alex Williams

In the first few days of 2017 I left London for N’Djamena, the capital city of Chad, to join a Secret Compass team embarking on a grand expedition into the centre of the Sahara.

Our team of 10 would be led by Luca Alfatti, Wanderlust guide of the year and the mastermind behind the expedition. Our plan was to follow in the footsteps of the renowned explorer Wilfred Thiseger, who in September 1938 was the first to summit Emi Koussi, an extinct pyroclastic shield volcano, and at 3,445m tall, the highest point in the Sahara. READ MORE…