Our watches ship with a warranty card that is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. The warranty is transferable in private sales and will cover anything related to the function of the movement. This includes a movement that is not working properly, a movement that has become magnetized, or damaged by impact. The 12 month warranty period does not cover wear and tear by the customer to the case, bracelet, bezel, crown, or crystal.


We inspect our watches before they ship to you. If for some reason we miss something and you have a defect, we will take care of you with a replacement, a repair, or a refund. This is considered a manufacturing defect. You will notice a manufacturing defect when you receive the watch. A manufacturing defect IS NOT wear and tear, stripping the crown threads, breaking crown stems, or flooding your watch because the crown was not screwed down.


If you are in need of repairs, we will take care of you. Some repairs can be resolved in a short period, while others may take longer if new parts need to be manufactured. We will repair any issue with the movement under warranty for 12 months from the date of purchase. All other repairs will need to be estimated for the cost of parts, labor, and shipping.

  1. Email us about the issue.
  2. Communicate with us about the problem.
  3. Ship your watch to us for evaluation, estimate, and repair.
    1. Ship us only the watch, no leather boxes or accessories.
    2. Include a copy of your warranty card or Paypal receipt.
    3. Include a note with your name, return address, email, watch model, serial number, and a description of the problem.
    4. We will email you back with the estimate of cost and time involved.
    5. We will email you when the watch is ready and we can bill you with a Paypal invoice to your email.

The address for shipping is:

Steve Laughlin
Raven Watches LLC.
7360 W. 162nd St.
Suite 106
Stilwell, KS 66085



Examples of damage not covered under warranty


We produce acrylic dome crystals for our vintage style watches. These are made of plexiglass (plastic). The acrylic has a look and feel to it that we enjoy and so we produce this style for our customers who also appreciate the characteristics of the material. This acrylic will scratch, but a scratch does not interfere with the purpose of the crystal which is to protect the watch dial and allow you to see the time. If you build up a lot of scratches over time, the crystal can be re-polished clear and scratch free. A jeweler can perform this polish, or you can do it at home with a product called “Poly-Watch”. If the crystal is damaged or broken and no longer able to perform its job, we can replace the crystal at our US repair facility. Another warning about acrylic crystals is to avoid harsh chemicals, it is known that DEET found in bug spray will damage a plexi crystal.


You will need to hand wind your mechanical watch when you first receive it or when the main spring has worn down. Once you have wound the watch the automatic rotor will keep it going as long as you are wearing the watch and remain active. You can not over wind these movements, there is a clutch mechanism to prevent over winding them. You can wind 30-40 times when the watch has stopped. Please wind slowly, your torque on such small parts can be too much causing the stem to break. The stem is a standard part from the ETA and Miyota movement companies, it can be replaced. Just remember to wind slowly and you will not have any issues with breaking the stem.


The threads in the crown can be damaged or stripped if you are not careful. Always screw down slowly, pushing the crown in gently and turning it slightly counter-clockwise until you feel the threads engage. Then screw it down smoothly. When you rapidy push the crown in and start screwing clockwise there is force and misalignment and eventually you will wear out the threads and need to pay for a repair.


Always remember to screw down the crown to the case after setting the watch. Do not over tighten the crown, the rubber gaskets do the job of keeping the water out and over tightening can damage the threads of the crown and case. Our watches are tested to the depth printed on the dial. Wearing a watch in an environment with steam such as a hot shower, hot tub, jacuzzi, or steam room is not recommended. Steam is a gas and is not in liquid state. Steam can penetrate the seals of any dive watch out on the market.


If you work around or come in contact with a strong magnetic field, it can magnetize the parts of the movement causing the watch to gain time rapidly. Some of our watches have an anti-magnetic shroud over the movement, but a strong enough magnet could penetrate the anti-magnetic field and cause the watch to become inaccurate. A magnetized watch can easily be de-magnetized and regulated to normal. This process is done by our technician and you will need to contact us for information and repair cost.


Our watches are built to the toughest specs we can accomplish. With hard impacts the case may show a dent or a scratch, but damage could happen to the movement inside. Our movements come with shock protection and steel movement retaining rings, but a hard impact can cause damage to the hair spring causing the watch to slow down or become inaccurate or stop running completely. This can be repaired by our technician. You will need to contact us for information and repair cost.


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