Raven Watches

Raven has been creating mechanical time instruments since 2008. In the beginning the watches were produced one at a time with various components from different sources. In 2011 Raven began to produce watches in larger quantities of 100 to 150 pieces per model. This new production allowed us to produce every component from the ground up at the same factory. Manufacturing this way resulted in the highest quality we could achieve at the time. Since then we have created the Vintage 42, Vintage 40, the Deep 44 and Deep Tech. In 2015 we are working on a new model, the Raven Pilot, which will be a water resistant pilot watch with an internal rotating bezel.

Raven Vintage 42

Vintage Black

Raven Vintage 42mm, black

Raven Vintage 42mm

Vintage Blue

Raven Vintage 42mm, blue

Raven Vintage 42mm

Vintage Red

Raven Vintage 42mm, red

Raven Pilot


Raven Pilot, Coming Soon


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