Raven watches began back in 2008 with the production of one watch at a time with various components from multiple sources. Some of the models produced at this time included the Raven Night Stalker, the Marine XL, and a variety of homage watches that resembled well known military pieces of the past.

Around 2011 Raven moved manufacturing to one location, one factory that could produce every component from the ground up. This allowed for tighter tolerances and the highest quality that we could produce at the time. With the new manufacturing abilities we produced higher quantities of 100 to 150 watches per design. We began with the Vintage 42mm, a year later we produced the larger Deep 44mm and the smaller Vintage 40mm. Next we produced the ultra strong Deep Tech which has a water resistance rating of 2,500 meters.

Currently in 2015 we have the original Vintage 42mm available again. We are also working on new designs that will be moving away from the homage themed watches and allowing the Raven brand to stand with its own unique designs. The first model to be produced with this new direction will be the Raven Pilot. This watch will be a water resistant aviator style with an internal rotating bezel. The bezel can be used for diving or navigating in the air by time keeping.

You can find all the current models available here on our website. You will also find news about our future designs here. If you do not see what you are looking for, we have either sold it or it is still in development and not ready to be posted.

Raven Watches is owned and operated by RAVEN WATCHES LLC.



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